Comprehensive Dental Exam

Visit Us For Your Comprehensive Dental Exam

During the comprehensive dental exam, Dr. Salah records necessary information to provide a thorough diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment plan. The doctors then analyze the results and consult with the patient. We encourage patients to have this visit to understand the findings of the dental exam, our recommendations, prognosis and course of treatment.

Our thorough dental examination includes:

Cancer Screening

The Invisalite System is a revolutionary hand-held device that provides dentists, hygienists, and other oral health care professionals with an easy-to-use adjunctive mucosal examination system for the early detection of abnormal tissue.

NOTE: If you are a tobacco or smokeless tobacco user, you greatly increase your chance of developing oral cancer. More than 8,000 deaths were attributed to oral cancer in the last year, and we feel it is our duty to help prevent this deadly disease. We provide oral cancer screenings during all preventive care appointments.

Occlusional Examination

The forces of your bite can sometimes affect the positioning of the jaw and teeth. Minor polishing of the enamel surfaces or filling the teeth can help redistribute and redirect the biting forces.

Temporo-Mandibular Joint Dtsfunction (TMJ) Examination

TMJ is a condition that afflicts thousands of people. Frequent indicators of TMJ include popping and clicking of the jaw, limited jaw function, pain in the neck, shoulder, and upper back, and pain and pressure in the face and ears. Dr. Salah provide conservative therapies that are proven to eradicate this painful and frustrating problem.

Periodontal Examination

Using a blunt probe, Dr. Salah examine your pocket depth between each tooth. Pocket depth is the length between the top of the gum and where the gum attaches to the tooth. If your pocket depth is too deep, you may be a victim of periodontal disease.

Caries Examination

Dr. Salah performs this examination to find teeth that have decay, are in need of restorations, or have incipient lesions that can be monitored and treated with fluoride. We now have the Diagnodent, a laser assisted cavity detection system that helps with this process.

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