Your dentist suggested you get oral surgery due to a problem you’ve been experiencing, but you’re nervous and don’t feel the problem is that detrimental to your health anyway, so you decide to put it off. Does this sound like something you would do, or have done in the past? If so, you should learn why putting off oral surgery is not a good idea.

There are many reasons a dentist might recommend oral surgery, including the removal of wisdom teeth or impacted wisdom teeth. You may need teeth pulled due to deterioration or to create space in an overcrowded mouth. You may want your teeth straightened. There are other reasons for oral surgery, but regardless of what the reason is, it’s important you have the surgery that your dentist proposes, as it’ll only alleviate the problem. Despite what you may think, your situation won’t get better and will only be likely to get worse. No matter how minor the situation may seem, it’s best to get the oral surgery done as soon as possible to make sure your mouth is as healthy as possible.

Delaying oral surgery only leads to more problems in the long-run. For instance, your oral situation may lead to infection or disease. You might need additional treatment to resolve the problem, leading to higher medical bills. Complications might occur and a longer recovery time will be needed. Pain and discomfort might begin. Furthermore, your condition could even begin to impact your other teeth, creating additional problems and possibly ruining what prior orthodontia treatment had solved. So don’t wait until the pain occurs. If your dentist thinks oral surgery is the right choice for you, it’s important you consider having the surgery as early as possible to eliminate any future issues from occurring.

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