Oral surgery is a dental practice in which surgery is performed on the face, neck, or jaw. This can be used to heal disease, alleviate pain, and prevent future problems from happening. It can be beneficial to you in making sure that your mouth is the healthiest is can be. The surgery is done using anesthesia and is not typically painful. If you think you need oral surgery talk to a dentist and they can recommend the best course of action, sometimes surgery is not necessary to deal with whatever problems you are having.

You should get oral surgery if you’ve been recommended by a dentist or doctor. A dentist might recommend a patient get surgery if they have an oral disease, teeth that need to be removed, or bone deterioration in the jaw. Depending on the situation these surgeries can range from simple to complex and the time each takes varies depending on the complexity. Common oral surgeries include corrective jaw surgery, cleft palate treatment, wisdom teeth removal, dental implants, cancer treatment and more.

The Local Oral Surgery Experts

Have you been recommended for oral surgery and think it might be the right choice for you, or if you’re looking for more information, you should schedule an appointment to talk about the assorted options and other information. Here at All About Smiles we take patient care very seriously and we strive to provide the best care, from veneers and implants to whitening and so much more. To learn more about oral surgery and the rest of our services give us a call at (734) 981-1199.

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