Implant retained dentures are similar to regular dentures, except that they involve artificial roots that are embedded within your gums. The root eventually fuses to the jaw bone, creating a stable foundation for the dentures to sit upon. Once the implant is set up, the dentures are then settled on top of the roots. These dentures are typically a better option as they will not slip and slide in your mouth. You can eat without worry and speak freely without the fear that the dentures will slur your speech. Implant retained dentures will stay put, no matter what you’re doing. You also do not have to remove these teeth at night or use sticky adhesives to keep them in.

Implant retained dentures can be an option for those who need multiple artificial teeth, or those who need just a few. The teeth are made to look natural – they look like your teeth and are sized and shaped for your mouth. To get implant retained dentures, you must have good oral hygiene and enough jaw bone so that the implants can be embedded. Using dentures will help to maintain your jaw bone, as the bone often deteriorates when teeth are missing. This results in better oral health and less oral problems in the long run, however, it’s important to keep up your typical hygiene routine after getting these dentures. If taken care of properly, these dentures can last decades.

After having the implants put in, the dentist can add more equipment for comfort depending on your situation and what you prefer. These dentures can eliminate the pain that often occurs when eating with regular dentures. If you think implant retained dentures might be right for you, give your dentist a call so that they can explain all details and help you make an informed decision.

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