A family dentist can help you by providing you and your family convenience that a regular dentist wouldn’t. Family dentists are similar to regular dentists – they go through the same schooling, but undergo extra education in order to treat people of all ages. You can schedule overlapping appointments so that you, your spouse and your children can see the dentist in the same day, minimizing time off work. Because a family dentist sees children and adults, the office will be child-friendly – you can bet your children will be entertained while you’re being seen, plus the dentist will have the knowledge and patience to work with kids and will understand the best methods to use when treating them. By seeing one dentist, you only have to handle billing through one office, which is not only convenient, but will help you to stay organized and on top of your dental bills.

A family dentist can help you because they are trained to treat and diagnose children, adults and the elderly. They will perform all of the typical tasks, such as cleaning, flossing, and performing annual check-ups. They can also whiten teeth, fill cavities, add sealants and they often can even perform orthodontic procedures, such as adding braces or dentures.

The convenience of a family dentist will help you in the long run, as less time and effort is being spent going to and from appointments, calling to schedule check-ups, etc. You will create a lifelong relationship with your dentist, especially if you continue to see them throughout adulthood and into old age. The dentist will get to know you and will understand your dental history so that they can treat you appropriately.

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