Though dental care has vastly progressed year after year, people are still struggling with tooth loss. Before now the only way to deal with that tooth loss was with dentures or bridges, but not anymore. Dental Implants are replacement tooth roots for missing teeth that provide a solid foundation for permanent or removable replacement teeth, bridges or dentures. They can help to improve appearance, comfort, speech, and make eating easier as well as increasing the overall oral health of the patient. They are also long lasting, if placed correctly and well maintained they can potentially last a lifetime.

There are many advantages to dental implants, for one they look and feel just like the patient’s own teeth. They also function just like normal teeth, allowing easier chewing and talking. Dental Implants also eliminate the hassle of removable dentures, there is no need for adhesives or removal with permanent implants. They are strong and durable, lasting a lifetime with only minor adjustments needed throughout the lifespan of the implant. Implants can also protect the healthy bone of the jaw from further deterioration and can stimulate and preserve the natural bone, this is the only restorative dentistry option that does that.

If you think that Dental Implants might be the right choice for you, you should schedule an appointment with the dentist to talk about your options. Here at All About Smiles we take patient care seriously and we strive to provide the best care, from dental implants to whitening and so much more. Our implant services include replacing a missing tooth or firming up a loose denture, let us help you get your smile back. To learn more about implants and the rest of our services give us a call at (734) 981-1199.

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