Oral surgery can be beneficial to your health for many reasons. Depending on your situation, oral surgery may be the best option to heal disease, alleviate pain, and prevent future problems from occurring.

Why Should I Get Oral Surgery?

If you have an oral disease, bone deterioration, or teeth that need to be removed, oral surgery may be the right choice for you. Oral surgery ranges in type from minor to complex depending on the situation. Some common surgeries might include wisdom teeth removal, corrective jaw surgery, cancer treatment, cleft lip palate treatment, dental implants, and more. Oral surgery can be done for areas in the face, neck, or jaw.

Oral Surgery at All About Smiles

Oral surgery is done using anesthesia and should not be painful. Don’t forget it’s important to discuss options with your dentist before making the decision to have surgery. Give us a call if you think oral surgery could benefit you!

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