If you have multiple missing teeth or teeth that are deteriorating, dental implants might be the right choice for you. Unlike regular dentures, a benefit of dental implants is that they are fixed to the jaw. During the procedure, the artificial root is embedded in each side of the jaw bone, and the denture is fixed on top, creating a stable dental structure.

You often hear of people with dentures being embarrassed to eat around others. They’re concerned the dentures will shift or slip out of their mouths. With dental implants, that fear of slipping and sliding is dissolved.

A benefit of dental implants are that they’re much more comfortable than regular dentures and don’t require sticky adhesives in order to stay in place. With dental implants, speech will be improved. The implants prevent jaw bone from deteriorating, which, in turn, prevents disease and damage to the mouth, resulting in good oral health. Another benefit of dental implants is that you won’t have to worry about removing them. No longer will you have to put your teeth in a cup at the end of the night!

Another benefit that comes from implants is confidence – the teeth look natural and are stable, allowing the person with implants to be confident in their smile, their eating and speaking. If taken care of properly, the implants can last a lifetime. Simply brush and floss daily as you would with your natural teeth. It’s important to clean the area around the implant to ensure plaque buildup is minimal.
When dental implants are installed, you may experience swelling for a couple of days after the procedure. The discomfort is minimal and the procedure takes a few hours. After a few months, you should be fully healed!

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