What is Oral Surgery?

At All About Smiles in Belleville, MI, we provide oral surgery services to our patients. Although many people think of being in a hospital under anesthesia and having to undergo a strenuous recovery when they hear the word surgery, oral surgery is often far from that. The surgeries are performed here in our office in Belleville, MI, are typically minimally invasive, and don’t require much downtime to recover. We will provide you with excellent care and an accurate diagnosis. We will suggest the procedure that we know is best for you, and will ensure a smooth recovery.

What are the Types of Oral Surgery Offered at All About Smiles in Belleville, MI?

When you visit us in Belleville, MI, we will diagnose the problem, whether it be of the mouth, teeth, gums, jaws, neck or even head, and will ensure the problem is treated accurately and effectively. Some of the most common oral surgeries that we treat are wisdom teeth removal, dental implants and tooth extractions. Other oral surgeries are corrective jaw surgery, removal of impacted teeth or diseased teeth, and treating facial trauma. We can also perform procedures on those with obstructive sleep apnea to try and lessen the symptoms.

All About Smiles services Belleville, MI

If you would like more information about implants contact us at 734.981.1199. At All About Smiles we guarantee you great service and the results you want.