Family Dentist – Quality Dental Care

Finding the right family dentist that you and your kids will love is a key part to ensure quality dental care for everyone in your family. You will want a dental office that will meet your needs and make sure you feel comfortable. When going to a great family dental office you will have a positive experience and your kids will get the proper oral care and dental treatments needed. The positive atmosphere will allow kids to be more motivated to take care of their oral health. At All About Smiles we take pride in taking care of our patients of all ages and we work with you to schedule an appointment that will work with your busy schedule.

A Family Dentist Your Kid Wants

Children need a dentist and dental hygienist that are used to working with kids, gentle and patient. A child should start seeing regularly visiting the dentist after their first birthday or once their teeth have started coming in. Primary teeth should be protected and properly taken care of to prevent any cavities or decay. If tooth decay is left untreated then it will continue to spread and lead to more serious issues with the gum and mouth such as gum disease or bad breath. The best way to prevent tooth decay with a child is good oral hygiene, which includes brushing and flossing. We believe preventive care is the best approach for long term healthy mouth. Our comprehensive dental care allows us to use state of the art dental technology and digital x-rays to properly evaluate the condition of your oral health.

All About Smiles – Your Family Dentist

All About Smiles proudly serve in two locations, Canton, MI and Roseville, MI for a better convenience. As a committed family dentistry team we strive to provide the best care from general dentistry care and whitening to cosmetic dentistry and oral surgery. If you are interested in learning more about our services then please contact us at (734) 981-1199 for our Canton office or (586) 775-3312 for our Roseville office.