What is a Family Dentist?

Family dentists treat patients of all ages and are responsible for diagnosing, treating and overseeing any procedures. At All About Smiles in Belleville, MI, we can provide service to your entire family, regardless of age. We can even see a child throughout their entire lifetime, making any diagnosis much easier as we’ll be able to look back at their oral history. It’s our job to ensure everyone in your family is practicing good oral hygiene. We are trained to prevent future problems from occurring, identify and detect current symptoms, and administer any necessary procedures.

What do Family Dentists at All About Smiles treat?

Family dentists are different from general dentists because they must be knowledgeable on teeth of all ages. Family dentists understand the difference between baby teeth and adult teeth, be knowledgeable of the complications the elderly might face, and the development issues that children could encounter. We are trained to treat your teeth at any age and in any situation. At All About Smiles in Belleville, MI, we handle routine checkups, cleanings, whitening and fluoride treatments. We do fillings, root canals, crowns and sealants and even handle simple cosmetic procedures.

All About Smiles services Belleville, MI

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