What Is a Root Canal?

Inside your teeth there is a soft tissue called the pulp,  that runs from the crown of your tooth to the bottom of your roots. When this soft tissue becomes infected or the tooth is badly decayed, you may require root canal treatment in order to save the tooth and your other teeth.

A Root Canal is a Routine Oral Surgery

A root canal is an endodontic treatment that can be completed within 2 appointments and is nearly painless. We want to make sure that this oral surgery is as comfortable for you as possible. Patients are thoroughly numbed before the procedure starts to reduce discomfort. we will then proceed to extract the infected pulp from the tooth. We then shape the root canals to prep them for a restorative filling material. Once we are sure the infected pulp has been removed we will fill the root canals and finish the procedure.

Oral Surgery With All About Smiles

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